Calleja Still in First Place After the 2nd Day

The World Championship for Professional Drivers moved on to the Vinovo Racetrack in Torino for the 2nd day of competition.

Cliferty Calleja did not have a good draw in his first race with a horse that clearly could never feature and in fact he galloped right at the start. Fortunately Calleja
corrected this mistake just enough to ensure a 6th place giving him precious points.

His second mount was considered to be a difficult horse but with enough potential to start him off as one of the favourites. In order to not risk a disastrous start, Cliferty took him slowly behind the gates to ensure that he did not gallop and then halfway through the race he started his advance gaining ground quite quickly. As was expected the other drivers did not try to make it easy for him and he had to contend with second place.

Still, after the second day Malta is still in first place with 28 points, followed closely by Belgium and Italy with 26 points and Argentina with 24 points.

The last two races will be on Saturday as the competition moves on to Firenze.