The Department of Civil Protection with humanitarian aid to Ukraine

The Department of Civil Protection will be sending 25 mine detectors to the Ukrainian people, who are currently at war. This will be the second time in a year that the Department will be sending humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people after last January it had sent generators to the same country, and also after this year the – the same Department sent aid to Turkey, Syria, Greece and Libya. This donation of mine detectors is being made as part of the European Union Civil Protection mechanism, of which Malta is a part. In fact these detectors will be used in restricted areas of Ukraine.

In a visit made by the Minister for the Interior, Security, Reforms and Equality, Byron Camilleri, to the quarters of the Department of Civil Protection in Ħal Far, it was said how this Department is now giving concrete support not only in our country but also on an international level. “Once again Malta is sending humanitarian aid to another country. Through the European Civil Protection mechanism we are sending mine detectors inside Ukraine to be used in this country where the people are currently suffering due to war. This joins several other aids, not only what we sent to Ukraine and other countries, but also other concrete aid from the Armed Forces of Malta and the Civil Protection in Libya, and even aid to Turkey and the Greece among others,” concluded Minister Camilleri.

The Chief Assistance Rescue Officer, Fredrick Sammut, from the Department of Civil Protection, explained how these mine detectors will be used by the Ukrainian people to ensure that the land is safe and there are no dangers. Also present for this visit was the Director General of Civil Protection, Peter Paul Coleiro, and the Director of Operations within Civil Protection Anthony Pisani.

Photo: MHSR