Update: Malta rescue team leaves for disaster struck Libya

On Tuesday evening, a contingent of 73 officers from the Armed Forces of Malta and the Department of Civil Protection left the country, on board Patrol Boat P61, for Benghazi in Libya.

There, these officers will be providing rescue aid in connection with the disaster and the floods left behind by storm Daniel. Shortly before midnight between Tuesday and Wednesday the ferry disembarked from Port il-Kbir, and on board was the team of officers, along with two vehicles and marine units of the Department of – Civil Protection, as well as supplies of food and essentials.

On the Marsa shore, the Minister for the Interior, Security, Reforms and Equality Byron Camilleri, accompanied by the Director General of Civil Protection, Peter Paul Coleiro, and the Commander of the Armed Forces of Malta, Brigadier Clinton O’Neill, greeted these workers a few minutes before they left. Minister Camilleri explained how in a few hours after the decision of the Cabinet, all the preparations began to join this team to serve as a response in Libya. He thanked all the officers who immediately agreed to leave our country to save and protect in Libya. He said that Malta has once again chosen to be in solidarity with a people who need help.

Photos: MHSR