The Armed Forces of Malta together with the Department of Civil Protection will provide assistance in Libya

 Malta will be sending aid to Libya through a contingent of 73 officers of the Armed Forces of Malta and the Department of Civil Protection.
This is after thousands of people lost their lives in the last few hours due to a big storm that hit our neighbouring country, with thousands of people still reported missing. This team will consist of 12 officers of the Armed Forces of Malta which, among others, includes a medical team, as well as 31 members of the Civil Protection.
The Maltese contingent will leave in the coming hours via the ferry of the Maltese Armed Forces, P61, a contingent that also includes a crew of 30 soldiers. The Minister for the Interior, Security, Reforms and Equality Byron Camilleri said that this is the third time, in a few months, that our country is offering help and being in solidarity in a difficult moment with another people. He reiterated that this could only happen because in recent years these officers have been properly trained, with an unprecedented investment even in the equipment that these Disciplined Bodies use.
“Once again Malta will be in solidarity with another country, this time one of our neighbors with historical relations. We will remain committed to not only assist and save in our country, but also help other peoples in a moment of need,” concluded Minister Camilleri.