Prime Minister Robert Abela visits the National School of Sport on the occasion of Labour Day being celebrated

Prime Minister Robert Abela visits the National Sports School

Prime Minister Robert Abela visited the National School of Sport, along with Education Minister Justyne Caruana, on the occasion of the week in which Labour Day is being celebrated.

This is not only to greet the teachers and staff at this important school of their work, but also to offer a sign of support to the students many of whom aspire to be professional sportsmen in the future.

“I understand that in a pandemic even your training with clubs and competitions were affected, but I look forward to overcoming this challenging moment so that you too can return to your normal life and train with the way you want. I want to encourage you. Don’t let this period discourage you, “said the Prime Minister, who encouraged these young people to dream of being professional sportsmen.

The Minister for Education Justyne Caruana said that as a government we will continue to give all the necessary resources for the National School of Sport to continue to strengthen and nurture our young people into athletes who can raise the sporting level of our country on international level.