A grant of € 6,000 for people with autism or difficulties in processing sensory information to have a sensory room in their home

Wife of the Prime Minister Dr Lydia Abela and Minister for Social Accommodation Roderick Galdes launch the Sens-Ability scheme -Palazzo Castelletti, St Paul's Street, Rabat-1-9-2020

The Minister for Social Housing Roderick Galdes and the wife of the Prime Minister Dr Lydia Abela announced the Sens-Ability scheme which for the first time will be providing financial assistance amounting to € 6,000 so that parents of children and adults with autism or who have difficulty processing sensory information will be able to make a sensory room in their home.

Minister Roderick Galdes explained that this scheme, which will be implemented by the Housing Authority, is a mirror of the policy being implemented in the housing sector in Malta, a policy that opens its doors to design a policy. which makes a tangible difference in the lives of our families.

“This scheme was not a measure of the budget, it was not a measure of the electoral manifesto but it is a scheme conceived and designed by contact with the people. I have had the privilege as a minister to speak to people and parents of children with autism, and I have understood that the needs of every person on this spectrum are different. That’s why we designed the Sens-Ability scheme, because through it these people can have a sensory room in their home equipped according to their individual needs. ”

The wife of the Prime Minister Dr Lydia Abela said that the politician should always listen, understand and feel the direct experiences that families are going through in daily life, and the announced scheme is a result of this because the plan was worked out together. “This scheme gives you satisfaction because you know that it will benefit people who really need it”, reiterated Dr Abela