Open gym inaugurated at Ġnien Dame Cecilia Pick in Qrendi

Minister for Education and Employment Owen Bonnici, together with Parliamentary Secretariat for Youth, Sports and Voluntary Organisations, Clifton Grima and Qrendi Mayor David Schembri inaugurated an open gym at Ġnien Dame Cecilia Pick in Qrendi.

With the building of the homeownership housing estate in the early ‘90s, the need to create a greenbelt in the form of a recreation garden and an afforestation project was greatly felt, through a small park with Maltese indigenous and endemic trees, a central pond and pergola, as well as a children’s recreational playground.

Minister Owen Bonnici highlighted that education in schools is important, but we must also give importance to public places and recreational spaces where it is possible for children to rest a bit but at the same time learn how to socialise with their peers. Dr Bonnici said, “It is a great pleasure for me to be present today for the inauguration of this open gym in this garden which will be enjoyed by the local community. As a government, we are committed to continuing opening more spaces for people to practice physical exercises, that they can be enjoyed by everyone while also educating our children that there must be a balance between work and study and time for relaxation”.

Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sport and Voluntary Organisations Clifton Grima stated that currently in several villages around Malta, a number of such projects are being carried out which, although may seem insignificant, have huge importance as they are aimed at children’s holistic development.

“This is an open gym which will be enjoyed by residents as well as families from outside the village. Another project that will continue to promote regular physical activity as a way of life for a healthier society”, concluded Parliamentary Secretary Grima.

Qrendi Mayor David Schembri said, “Thanks to Minister Owen Bonnici, Parliamentary Secretary Clifton Grima as well as Sport Malta, together with all the respective ministries, governmental and private entities and private for all their assistance in helping to make the ‘Ġnien Dame Cecilia Pick’ a truly recreational park”.

Over the years various ministries, governmental, and private entities supported Qrendi’s Ġnien Dame Cecilia Pick park.

With the help of the Ministry for Education, the Parliamentary Secretariat for Sport and Sport Malta, a small but significant open gym area forms part of the Ġnien tal-Warda’s new additions. This initiative will help introduce a healthier lifestyle culture through the practice of outdoor exercise.

This initiative will assist the government in its national challenge against obesity through exercise in healthy and peaceful surroundings