A multimillion investment in the airport in another testimony of trust in our country

Prime Minister Robert Abela attended the launch of a multi-million dollar investment that will transform Malta International Airport.

In the first phase of this investment there is a quarter of a billion euros dedicated to a project that includes among others a stretch of land for the use of renewable energy coming from photovoltaic panels which will mean that the generation capacity of clean energy will more than double. This is apart from other work in the lighting system at the airport which will improve the efficiency in the use of energy. “The private investment by the company that manages the Malta International Airport is not only of quality because it aims to improve the passenger experience but it is an investment that gives priority to the environmental goals that our country has to achieve carbon neutrality.”

This was a key principle in the message that the Prime Minister sent during the launch of this investment which shows another act of trust in our country. Prime Minister Abela stressed that the clear direction we are giving is in favor of investments that embrace the new priorities linked to environmental concerns among others. “We must keep pushing for growth focused on what has added value and is sustainable because this is what improves the quality of life and creates new prosperity”, stressed the Prime Minister.

Dr. Abela noted that the confidence in the economic vision that our country has comes at a time when the Maltese economy has continued to grow even more than what was predicted. “As a country we are seeing the experts say that Malta is expected to experience the greatest economic growth in Europe for the time to come. While we welcome this good news, we need to keep evolving to keep being successful”, said the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Abela also stressed the strategic decision by which the Government continues to protect the people but also spurs private consumption among them in travel. This is in connection with the large aid in favor of stable energy prices. Note that after two years of pandemic and war in Ukraine, at Malta International Airport, the movement of passengers has already exceeded the record figures before the pandemic, two years earlier than expected.

Photo (OPM)