The grant for petrol powered motorbikes was a success; the allocated budget has been used in full

The grant for petrol-powered motorcycles was intended to promote the use of less polluting vehicles. This first come first served scheme was a success as the funds allocated for it were completely used. The scheme, which provided financial incentives for individuals to buy petrol- powered motorcycles, has now exhausted the 1.3 million euros and including a 2.9 million euro additional allocation for such motorcycles.

A total of 2,760 applications were processed, and the scheme has proven to be very popular among citizens who are keen to reduce their carbon footprint while also enjoying the benefits of a more economical mode of transport.

The grant for petrol-powered motorcycles is an excellent example of how incentives can encourage citizens to make conscious decisions in favour of the environment. We encourage everyone to take advantage of similar schemes, including other schemes currently being offered by Transport Malta.

Apart from the schemes mentioned above being offered by Transport Malta, the government has launched other schemes, together with the Bank of Valletta and the APS Bank, which offers loans with an interest rate of 0% for those who will take a loan to invest in an electric or hybrid vehicle and initiatives promoting energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy.

The Authority reminds all potential buyers that all the other schemes launched a few months ago are still available for the general public.