A creative way to encourage the younger generation to lead a more environmentally conscious and sustainable lifestyle

Minister for Research, Innovation and the Co-ordination of Post COVID-19 Strategy Owen Bonnici attended the inauguration of an exhibition taking place at Esplora, which aims to educate our future generation to become more conscious about the environment, and the effect we can have on it, through creative and innovative ways that are more engaging for children.

This event will see the ‘Art in Waste’ exhibition, as well as the ‘Neville the Shark’ book launch, by artist Hermine Sammut from CONNECT2GOZO. With the exhibition ‘Art in Waste’, the artist means to transmit the message of giving a new use, purpose and place to things that would otherwise become waste.

Waste products can become raw materials for other projects, so there is no need to use newly produced materials to create something new. It is an effort to make the younger generation more aware of other, more beneficial solutions than just throwing away things we don’t need.

The book ‘Neville the Shark’ has been translated into several languages, including Maltese. It contains illustrations as examples of how we can reuse waste and give it new purpose, with an imaginative, creative twist that is more engaging to both children and adults.

The story is based around the damage that waste is causing to the oceans and the environment in general. The secondary message in the book is to approach other people or creatures with an open mind and without prejudice, taking little notice of the reputation they may carry.

Minister Owen Bonnici praised the initiative taken by the artist and thanked Esplora for supporting it.

“Waste production is still a major global issue for the environment,” the Minister said. “It is crucial for us to reach the younger generation and educate them about this issue. It is of utmost importance that they become aware of the consequences of being wasteful, and we need to encourage them to be as environmentally conscious as possible in every step that they take.”

Minister Bonnici added; “This event is delivering this message to children and adults alike in an innovative, creative way, that is not only beneficial, but also very engaging for all.”

Mr Andreas Stadler, Austrian Ambassador for Malta, said that; “The heat waves we are experiencing both in Malta and Austria show that the generation of Fridays for Future has something really important to say, that we need to engage in climate action and saving our planet. Hermine Sammut is one of the artists who is taking this message very seriously by recycling waste and making beautiful art out of it. She is one of those who takes responsibility and she deserves all of our support.”

The Executive Chairman of the Malta Council for Science and Technology Dr Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando said; “Esplora’s work in the field of STEAM, linking the sciences with art, has always been a proactive one, with both disciplines presented in a complementary manner. The collaboration we are launching today will continue to encourage our visitors to link the two – a symbiotic relationship which is novel to many. The arts play an important role in any given society by challenging citizens to think, be creative, engage and to be acquainted with the skills promoted by the scientific process, such as critical thinking and problem solving.”