Transport Malta Launches winter 2023 Don’t Drink and Drive Campaign

Transport Malta has launched its winter 2023 campaign focusing on the dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol.

This campaign is built primarily to create awareness that all road users that ‘driving is no different’ than any other ‘operation’ that requires full concentration and attention.
Driving is no Different! represents only a fraction of Transport Malta’s efforts in the realm of road safety.

Throughout the year, the Authority actively participated in educational campaigns focused on road safety. However, during the holiday season, there is a heightened awareness of the necessity for increased enforcement and education on this crucial matter.

Transport Malta CEO, Mr Jonathan Borg, emphasises the importance of such educational campaigns promotin road safety. Road Safety and Drink Driving campaigns are campaigns steering all year round but nearing the festive season such a campaign needs to take a different creative approach. “We must take extra responsibility, not for ourselves but also for others sharing and using the road.”

While he appealed to the public to avoid using alcoholic beverages if he is going to drive, Mr. Borg took this opportunity to wish everyone happy holidays.
The national campaign is supported by the Malta Road Safety Council, the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate, The Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects and the Ministry for Health. Let’s take care of each other and show our commitment to avoid accidents on our roads during this festive season.