The LESA agency allocates €3 million for projects in the heart of the communities

The LESA agency allocated the sum of more than €3 million to carry out projects in the heart of the community in collaboration with the Local Councils. This is after a previous agreement came to an end where the agency invested more than another €3 million to the Local Councils where 62 projects were carried out. These are funds generated by the summonses which are subsequently invested back into the communities.

This initiative was announced in a news conference at the offices of the LESA agency, by the Minister for the Interior, Security, Reforms and Equality Byron Camilleri and the Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government Alison Zerafa Civelli

Minister Byron Camilleri said that the goal of the LESA agency and the Government is not to make a profit from the summonses, but that they are invested back into our communities. He explained that these projects must be according to five different categories: improvement in the security of the locality which includes projects through a modern tool in partnership with the Community Police or the neighborhood watch; environmental improvements including open spaces and gardens; alternative and clean transport for the benefit of the community; investment in modern infrastructure; and protection and restoration of historical heritage.

“We chose to partner with the Local and Regional Councils because we understand that they know their locations best. I have confidence in them to bring forward projects that reflect the realities of the locality they represent. Committed to continuing to partner with them so that projects are carried out that benefit the community,” concluded Minister Camilleri.

The Parliamentary Secretary Alison Zerafa Civelli had words of praise for this initiative with the aim of assisting the local councils to finance projects in the heart of the localities to improve the quality of life of the residents. She stressed that this agreement will translate into direct investments in the community. The Parliamentary Secretary appealed to the local councils to implement projects and initiatives that cover the needs of the localities and the respective residents.

The agreement for this allocation was signed by the CEO of the LESA agency, Svetlick Flores and the President of the Association of Local Councils, Mario Fava.