The agricultural land rent reform carried out by Malta is an example for other European countries

In another Council of Ministers in Brussels, known as AgriFish, the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights Anton Refalo discussed many themes and even listed a number of concrete examples that Malta has carried out in these the fields.

Among others, when the subject of rural areas was being discussed with other European Ministers, Minister Refalo mentioned the reform in the rent of agricultural land that the Maltese Government has carried out and which aims which protects the rights of Maltese and Gozitan farmers and at the same time preserves the agricultural land so that it can continue to be used for agricultural purposes.

The Minister also mentioned the direct aid that the Maltese Government, both from national and even European funds, gives to our farmers. “Direct aid to farmers remains an important source to keep the agricultural sector viable. Along with this, the dissemination of knowledge is also an important pillar and this is being done with the Farm Extension Services, where farmers are being given the necessary training on how to better use natural resources,” stressed Minister Refalo in Brussels.

The Minister also reiterated the importance of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in our country, which he called a very important financial instrument and which will continue to help attract more young farmers, as well as to spur investments for more modern infrastructure and for digitalisation of the sector. The Council also discussed the impact of climate change which was felt in a real way in Southern Europe this summer, with Malta showing solidarity with the affected countries.

Photo: MAFA