Malta Dairy Products Faces Supply Constraints Due To Electricity Outage

File photo: Cows at milking time

Malta Dairy Products Ltd., the local leading provider of 100% fresh Maltese milk, is informing the public that due to electricity outage at the factory the company is currently experiencing difficulties in maintaining the usual milk production levels, which in turn may impact the availability of certain products in the market in the coming days.

The electricity cut-off at Malta Dairy Products factory has significantly hampered the ability to produce the usual milk quantities required to meet the rising public demand. While backup generators are in place and running, it is unfortunate that they are struggling to cope with the excessive heat in this extreme weather. This has led to a temporary reduction in production output and will be affecting the regular supply chain.

It is also worth noting that, in addition to the electricity challenges, the company is also facing a natural decrease in milk production from its local cows. As weather conditions have become extremely dry and hot, the natural response from the cows is to produce less milk during this period. This is a natural phenomenon which happens every summer and is restored once the weather temperature gets cooler later in the year.

Given these circumstances, Malta Dairy Products is assuring the public that work is being diligently carried out to minimize the impact on its customers. Despite the constraints, the company will continue to produce fresh local milk products, albeit at potentially lower quantities than usual. Malta Diary Products’ primary concern remains the quality and safety of its products for its valued consumers. The company would like to emphasize that despite the supply challenges, every
measure is being taken to ensure that the freshness and integrity of the milk products are maintained at the highest standard.

It is important to note that Malta Dairy Products does not compromise on the quality of its milk by resorting to alternative sources. Malta Dairy Products takes pride in providing 100% fresh Maltese milk, sourced from local dairy farms, to customers across the islands.

Malta Dairy Products would like to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this situation may cause and extend its gratitude for the public’s understanding and continued support during this challenging time. The team is tirelessly working in collaboration with the relevant authorities to resolve these issues and restore normalcy to the production and supply processes as quickly as possible.

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