Michele Marconini: England is a challenge

During the MD-1 press conference, Malta’s national football team coach, Michele Marcolini, shared his thoughts on the upcoming match, expressing optimism and emphasizing the team’s determination to perform well. Malta face England, tomorrow Friday 16th at 20:45 at the National Stadium in Ta’ Qali. This is Malta’s third game in the UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Campaign.

Marcolini highlighted the advantages of playing immediately after the season, discussed the team’s deserving victory against Luxembourg, and acknowledged the challenges of facing top-ranked teams. Despite being considered underdogs, Marcolini expressed belief in the potential for surprising results in the world of football.

Marcolini discussed the team’s preparation for the matches, stating that playing just after the end of the season, rather than after a long stop period, would be beneficial. By maintaining the players’ competitive rhythm, he believed the team would be better equipped to face their opponents. The coach expressed confidence in the squad’s physical and mental readiness for the challenges that lie ahead.

Reflecting on their recent match against Luxembourg, Marcolini expressed his belief that the team deserved the victory. The Italian coach highlighted the players’ dedication and their ability to execute the game plan effectively. He praised their performance and credited their hard work and determination for the win.

Looking ahead to their upcoming match against one of the top teams in the world, Marcolini acknowledged that Malta has shown significant improvement since 2017. However, he also acknowledged that facing England, with their rich football history, is always a formidable challenge. Despite recognizing their underdog status, Marcolini said that his team needs to be as brave as possible on the pitch, emphasizing their determination to give their best effort.

In terms of overall match preparation, Marcolini stated that the team approached this match in the same way as they would any other. The coach stressed the importance of consistency in their training methods and game preparations. By maintaining their established routines, Marcolini aimed to instill a sense of familiarity and confidence within the team.

Marcolini acknowledged that luck would play a role in their performance against stronger opponents. While acknowledging the difficulties, he highlighted the unpredictable nature of football, emphasizing that surprises can occur. The Italian coach encouraged his team to embrace their underdog status, reminding them that it could work to their advantage.

Marcolini discussed Teddy Teuma’s recovery and development. He mentioned that Teuma had completed his first full training session the previous day, indicating a positive step in his rehabilitation. The coach expressed optimism regarding Teuma’s condition and his potential availability for the upcoming match. Marcolini recognized Teuma as a crucial player for the team, acknowledging his skills and influence on the pitch.

The coach emphasized the importance of unity, emphasizing that the team’s success is built upon their ability to function as a cohesive unit. Marcolini’s focus on fostering teamwork highlighted the collaborative nature of the Malta national team and their understanding of the collective effort required to achieve positive results.

Malta’s goalkeeper, Henry Bonello, shared his perspective on maintaining focus and concentration. Bonello emphasized the need for players to prioritize their own responsibilities rather than fixating on their opponents. By focusing on their individual tasks and executing them with dedication, players can collectively achieve their goals.

Source: MFA

Photos: Domenic Aquilina