The FSWS celebrates its 25th anniversary

The Social Welfare Services Foundation (FSWS) celebrated the 25th anniversary of its establishment, and as part of the celebrations of this milestone, a conference was held with the theme ‘The Welfare State and Welfare Services: Present Challenges and Future needs’.

A conference during which an overview was given to the extensive work done by the foundation during the last 25 years of service. Quality help and given on time, in order to help people who seek its help take their own lives into their own hands to become responsible, productive and integrated people in society and who give value to life as a resource that leads them to reach the their potential.​​

During this conference, it was explained how a massive investment was made when it comes to the protection of children, family issues, addictions and domestic violence, among others. Over the years the FSWS continued to grow and its services began to flourish and be adapted according to the trends and needs that society shows. Crucially, all the services offered in Malta are now also offered in Gozo.

This is beccause in June 2018, the Social Welfare Services set up a directorate in Gozo to ensure that its services for vulnerable people are also provided on this island. The Minister for Social Policy and Children’s Rights Michael Falzon said that today the FSWS has a budget of €30 million and employs around 1,000 people.

Around 80% are professionals from various psycho-social disciplines who work directly with many people including the 22,077 people who sought the foundation’s help last year. These professionals work in three agencies and three directorates which are: the Support Agency, the Sedqa Agency, the Agency for Therapeutic and Community Services (ACTS), the Directorate for Gozo, the Directorate for Protection of Minors and the Directorate for Alternative Care.

The conference was also addressed by the Chief Executive of the FSWS, Alfred Grixti, by the speakers for the Opposition David Agius and Ivan Bartolo, as well as by the Italian Senator Matteo Renzi.