The different sectors of the economy are creating more opportunities for workers

When he continued to visit the workers at the workplaces a few days before the Labor Day holiday, the Prime Minister Robert Abela stressed that the strengthening of investment should serve to improve the situation of the workers and so that the same workers continue to have an opportunity to move forward.
Prime Minister Abela said this during a visit to the Food Factory of the James Caterers company in Bulebel. Prime Minister Abela met with many workers as well as with the management of the company who explained to the prime minister how the growth of the company will lead to an increase in the space for food production. It was noted that the company continued to thrive in the Maltese market and even the foreign one so that today it employs around four thousand people, with workers with skills and from different backgrounds who all contribute to the success of the company.
Dr Abela stressed that the government remains committed to creating an environment where those who drive investment are supported with strategic decisions such as the subsidy in favor of stability in energy prices. A decision that protected jobs as much as it helped the same workers and their families not to bear this burden as a result of international realities.
The prime minister interpreted these decisions accompanied by incentives in favor of sustainable operation as other necessary steps that lead to the creation of more quality work opportunities that improve the situation of families in our country. Accompanying the prime minister in the visit were the government deputies, Omar Farrugia and Cressida Galea. Photo (OPM)