Watch: At UN General Assembly in New York, Prime Minister Robert Abela addresses a Summit on Education in New York

In New York, Prime Minister Robert Abela addressed a UN General Assembly Summit on education, during which the leaders of different countries spoke about their commitment to transform education by 2030. In his speech, the Prime Minister spoke about the commitment that our country continues to reach its goals in education.

“The Maltese Government is committed to continuing to achieve its goals in education and to follow their implementation with the aim of leaving more positive results until 2030. Education in our country is inclusive from every aspect, because it focuses on providing equal access to everyone. Each of them should put access to quality education as a priority.”

The Prime Minister referred to the National Inclusion Policy that is being implemented in our country in favor of more inclusion measures. “We have also invested in the digital infrastructure to ensure that students have access to quality digital education. Our commitment will remain to continue investing in digital platforms to offer the best educational resources”, stressed Prime Minister Robert Abela.

The Prime Minister claimed that as an elected member of the United Nations Security Council, Malta will prioritize literacy while continuing to work to safeguard the right to education.

“If we manage to transform education, we will have changed the future”, concluded the Prime Minister.