Copernicus program approved by the Council of Ministers of the European Union responsible for Research and Space

Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Research and Innovation Keith Azzopardi Tanti participated in the Council of Ministers of the European Union responsible for Research and Space in Luxembourg.

During the meeting, the Copernicus Program was approved, which conveys a long-term vision of how the launch of a new innovation that observes the world will evolve with new capabilities and services that better address the needs of society while remaining aimed at the use of people.

Malta believes that this program will lead Europe to provide a ‘Gold Standard’ in world observation information.

Malta has so far approved this program which has been presented to the Council.

The draft Council also agreed on the draft conclusions in the field of space traffic management and Malta is pleased that through research and innovation actions, operational buildings will be developed. of Space Surveillance and Tracking in all Member States.

They will develop new scientific knowledge in this area that will enable the European Union to develop evidence-based solutions related to space traffic management and fair and secure access to it.

Parliamentary Secretary Keith Azzopardi Tanti stressed the importance of the European Union strengthening its space program in terms of resilience and competitiveness leading to evolution within the same space program.

This could be done in support of the ‘New Space’ program which will create various opportunities for new researchers in the field of space.

During the discussions in the Council of Ministers, Malta emphasized that for the European space industry to be strengthened and continue to grow through the space program while more financial support actions need to be introduced to address the creation and strengthening of the space program. of new and emerging space ecosystems.

Photo: MEYR_PS