Digital Europe: MEPs call for quick introduction of EU social security pass

MEPs demand a legislative proposal from the Commission for a European social security pass before the end of 2022, to reduce the administrative burden on mobile workers.
In a resolution adopted on Thursday, MEPs urge the European Commission to accelerate its plans for a digital European social security pass (ESSP) to facilitate the portability of social security entitlements for mobile workers. The ESSP will enable real-time verification of the data of mobile workers by the national authorities of the member state they intend to work in. It will help combat social fraud and undeclared work, but would also make it easier for workers to track and claim their rights and social security contributions.
Respect for diversity
MEPs say the ESSP initiative should bring clear benefits for all involved stakeholders: mobile workers, businesses, employers, trade unions and national authorities. It should protect workers’ rights and make administrative procedures less complicated and more time-efficient. At the same time, an ESSP should respect the diversity of national social security systems and not become a requirement for freedom of movement.

According to MEPs, any exchange of information via an ESSP should be guided by strict compliance with EU personal data protection rules. Social security and personal data should only be made available to the person and the competent national authorities concerned and should not be shared for purposes other than the enforcement of EU social security rules. (

A European e-ID
The current pilot project for a European social security pass only includes information on the social security coverage of mobile workers. MEPs want the ESSP to be extended to other areas of EU labour law, such as health insurance and pensions, and to complement the European e-ID and other EU initiatives to digitalise social security.

The resolution was adopted by 598 votes to 59 and 38 abstentions.

Source: EPValletta