Steward Health Care Malta on the projects report

With reference to media coverage of the projects report presented in court by Steward Health Care Malta (SHCM) as part of the proceedings instituted by Dr Adrian Delia, SHCM states that the said report must be reviewed in its entirety and not on a
selective basis. Dr Delia’s deliberate act of omitting key projects and investments made in the last years in the three hospitals does not do justice to the hard work of SHCM’s team and its stakeholders.
The report was presented in court to demonstrate the significant amount of work and many millions invested by SHCM to upgrade services, infrastructure and equipment at the hospitals. SHCM believes that both the large, significant and more visible projects outlined below as well as the so called “smaller” projects quoted by Dr Delia are equally important when running a hospital. The full details of the report can be found in the court submissions made on Monday by SHCM. It should be noted that this projects report reflects only works on the three sites and excludes other capital and day-to-day operational expenditure as part of SHCM’s responsibility.
Key projects left out by former leader of the Opposition:
Gozo General Hospital (GGH) campus
The state-of-the-art Barts and the London School of Medicine (QMUL), complete with an ancillary Anatomy Centre.
Refurbishment and upgrades of the Emergency department, Outpatients department including a new dental clinic, a new laboratory as well as a new Orthopaedic Ward.
Technical and engineering upgrades such as the operating theatre automatic climatisation and new medical gases infrastructure including the replacement of the main vacuum plant, medical air plant as well as the main oxygen plant which can now provide the hospital with an autonomous and continued supply of oxygen for a period of four to six weeks.
Karin Grech Hospital (KGH) and St Luke’s Hospital (SLH) campus 
Upgrade of the Physiotherapy Department. Overhaul of the Stroke Unit.
A new Orthotics and Prosthetics Unit (OPU).

Investment in the hospitals’ transportation facilities via a new fleet of vehicles including an emergency response car, patient transportation coaches, as well as the introduction of a 24/7 air ambulance service .

COVID-19-related investments
The expansion of GGH’s capacity by an additional 120 beds, including the possibility to flex up to 25 COVID-19 ICU beds complete with ventilator setup.
The number of ventilators in GGH increased to an unprecedented 25 units, thanks to Steward’s international supply chain. A new additional 28-bed ward complete with negative pressure and the required air changes.
These achievements prove SHCM’s ongoing commitment to improve the quality of its services for the benefit of patients, staff and the communities it serves.