The courts in the courts of Malta and Gozo are now all equipped with digital technology

All chambers in both Malta and Gozo have now been equipped with the necessary technology that will make it possible to testify and be part of a case without being physically present in the courthouse.

Twenty-seven chambers in Malta and three in Gozo are now fully digitized. This was announced by the Minister for Justice and Governance during a press conference at the courthouse in Malta.

Minister Zammit Lewis stressed that “Today announced a historic and important step for efficiency and accessibility in our Courts. One of my top priorities for this year has been to work to strengthen efficiency in our courts. It plays a crucial role in the rule of law and in ensuring that all citizens, institutions, agencies and bodies work efficiently and in an accessible way. This can only be done if the courts offer timely and fair remedies. Efficiency in our institutions helps fight corruption and builds trust in institutions, including the courts. ”

The Minister stressed that he will remain committed to ensuring that citizens have institutions to which they can refer, through a strong legislative framework and unprecedented investment. He pointed out that together with the reforms, these projects prepare a path to justice that will be more accessible to the citizen, so that Maltese and Gozitans will be at the center of the work of this Government. He concluded by announcing that in the coming months I will also be launching the digital strategy for the Field of Justice, which strategy will continue to show how much this Government is really a Government for the people.