Agreement signed with Friends of the Sick and Elderly Association – provided twelve electric beds and five person hoists

An agreement was signed between the Ministry for Gozo and the Friends of the Sick and the Elderly Association in Gozo, through which this voluntary association benefited from an investment of € 24,000.

At a press conference, it was explained that this will enable the voluntary organization, which works with the most vulnerable people in Gozo, to be able to provide twelve electric beds and five electronic person hoists for the elderly and the sick.

During his address to this association, the Minister for Gozo, Clint Camilleri, pointed out that, through the equipment that is offered, the elderly and the sick can continue to be cared for and cared for in their own homes, and so they do not have to be hospitalized or in a residential home to receive treatment. Regarding this service, Minister Clint Camilleri stated that, “I see it as beneficial for them, as they will be able to continue to be cared for by relatives or people who know them at home. It also allows them to live in the community in peace. “