Lifelong Learning Strategy launch for public consultation

“This national consultation is especially important in view of the times we are living in, times of pandemic challenges, which shed light on the global challenges of education and training – a sector that is “an intrinsic way with the economy of our country,” said the Minister for Education Justyne Caruana as she launched the Lifelong Learning Strategy at Gozo College Secondary in Victoria, Gozo.

Through this strategy, a national consultation on adult learning will be launched, but the importance of creating synergy between the education sector and the social partners will also be emphasized. Minister Caruana said that, “Yesterday, I had a meeting with the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry and we discussed how there will be collaboration with the social partners to have a framework for dialogue, so that the our goals in the education sector are complementary to the goals of the private sector, and that they are achieved. ”

Minister Caruana said, “I am pleased to see that the work of the Ministry of Education is bearing fruit! I say this because there is an important development in the percentage of adults who participate in learning – Malta is well above the European Union average; by 2019 the percentage of adults aged 25-64 participating in learning was 11.9%. ” This is an important milestone and provides more willingness for the Ministry to continue working to make learning more accessible.