Malta remains the lowest unemployment rate in the Eurozone

For the fifth consecutive month, Malta had the lowest unemployment rate among all countries in the Eurozone. This was confirmed in the latest report issued by the European Union’s statistical office Eurostat.

The report shows how unemployment in the country is stable, as the unemployment rate for the month of October remained the same as in the previous month, that of 3.9 percent.

This rate contrasts with the average rate of countries in the Eurozone, that of 8.4 percent, which means more than double the rate of Malta.

The unemployment rate in our country is also much lower than the European Union average, that of 7.6 percent.

These results continue to confirm the success that our country is having in the fight against unemployment even during the pandemic. While unemployment around the world continues to rise, employment in our country has remained strong.

Minister of Finance and Labor Clyde Caruana said, “These positive results that our country is having continue to confirm the wisdom in the leadership of this government even in this difficult time. The various measures we announced during the pandemic months have been instrumental in keeping businesses running and at the same time safeguarding jobs and household incomes. ”