PN would cancel energy contracts

Shadow Energy minister Marthese Portelli said a future Nationalist government would cancel energy contracts if they were not in Malta’s best interests.

At a press conference at the PN Headquarters in Pieta she said that a PN government would provide even cheaper energy than then on offer at the moment by the Labour government.

When asked for details she said the PN was stll drawing up its energy plans.

Portelli said Malta had enough energy through the BWSC station and the Malta-Sicily interconnector and solar farms.

The government however said that energy tarrifs had been reduced only because of the switch from polluting heavy oil to gas powered energy.

In a statement the government said, “Today, the opposition once again showed that it is using its own yardstick when it directs unfounded allegations at the government. The real corruption was to be found in the commissions that were being paid for oil.”