Finance Ministers discuss country experiences on raising efficiency in the health care sector

Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna has told the Euro area Finance Ministers that “discussions on country experiences with respect to raising efficiency in the health-care sector are always useful in view of the increasing cost of health-care on top of demographic pressures, including an ageing population.”

Minister Scicluna was speaking during the Eurogroup meeting held on 10 October 2016 in Luxembourg, where views were exchanged with regards to the sustainability of health systems and long-term health care.

The Eurogroup also discussed the situation in Greece. Finance Ministers decided to disburse €1.1bn, but defer the decision for disbursement of the remaining €1.7bn for the settlement of arrears to a later date in October.


Finance Ministers also held a discussion on current fiscal issues, including the preparation of the draft national budgetary plans process, and were also provided by a debriefing on the G7 Finance Ministers’ and Central Bank Governors’ meeting that took place in the margins of the IMF Annual Meeting in Washington.