A national project on cleanliness has been launched

A national project was launched with the theme “Keeping it Clean Together” through which the Division for Cleaning and Maintenance in collaboration with six other public entities: Public Works Department, Tourism Zones Regeneration Agency, Infrastructure Malta, Transport Malta, Water Services Corporation and Enemalta will embark on a work plan that will address basic needs in residential areas of Malta.

These include maintenance of water taps, replacement of light bulbs that fall under the responsibility of Enemalta, replacement of road signs, maintenance of paving and street furniture, painting of road lines, painting of street furniture, sweeping and cutting of wild grass, cleaning of culverts, street washing, among others. This national project will also involve an educational campaign through the character “Xummiemu” about the importance of public cleanliness in our country. The project will have a record investment of €5.2 million in technological and environmental equipment with the intention of greatly improving the efficiency of the works carried out by Clean Malta.

These details were announced in a news conference by the Minister for Tourism Clayton Bartolo in the presence of the Chief Permanent Secretary Tony Sultana, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry for Tourism Anthony Gatt, the Director General of Clean Malta Ramon Deguara, representatives of public entities and social partners. Minister Clayton Bartolo pointed out how this national project on cleanliness will send a clear message that maintaining public cleanliness and maintenance is essential.

“It is useless to dream of having the most beautiful hotels, shops, restaurants, beaches if we have a country that is conquered by the disobedience of some. The aim of this project is to educate. While the education on this subject will intensify in the coming months, we will also see that the necessary enforcement is done for those who decide to abuse,” concluded Minister Clayton Bartolo.