Malta maintains its solidarity with the Libyans in Derna

The Ministry for Home Affairs, Security Reforms and Equality, in partnership with the Muslim community, is assisting in providing humanitarian aid to the Libyan city of Derna, which is still recovering from the massive floods it experienced a few weeks ago.

The stockpile is currently being held at the Ħal Far Open Centre.

During a visit to the centre, Minister for Home Affairs, Security, Reforms and Equality Byron Camilleri, the Muslim community’s Imam Mohammed Elsadi and AWAS’ Chief Executive Clayton Xuereb noted that a substantial amount of clothes, foodstuffs and other humanitarian aid started being collected in just a few days.

Minister Camilleri said that on behalf of the government, he immediately took up Imam Elsadi’s plea for continued Maltese aid to Libya and the provision of humanitarian supplies to Derna. Minister Camilleri referred to the government’s commitment to assist the Libyan population in such a difficult time and the immediate search and rescue aid mission, Civil Protection Department and Armed Forces of Malta personnel conducted in Derna.

Minister Camilleri also referred to the government’s engagement in helping Libya, as highlighted in Prime Minister Robert Abela’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly just a few days ago, where he appealed for more aid from other bigger states to Libya.

Imam Mohammed Elsadi voiced the Muslim community’s gratitude for Libya’s aid, over the years, to Muslims living in Malta and noted that this aid is now being reciprocated. Imam Elsadi acknowledged the support the Maltese government gave Libya during the past weeks after the devastation caused by the floods and for AWAS’s acceptance to be used as a logistical hub in the humanitarian aid mission.

Provisions are being accepted at the Ħal Far Open Centre till Monday, 2 October. (Site map: