Transport Malta carried out roadside inspections in St Paul’s Bay

Transport Malta carried out roadside inspections in St Paul’s Bay
• 228 cars were inspected, of which 201 Y-plate vehicles
• 48 contraventions were issued on Y-plate vehicles, 13 were issued on private-owned vehicles
• 3 vehicles were towed

Yesterday evening, Transport Malta, conducted two highly effective roadside inspections in San Pawl il-Baħar. These inspections were carried out as part of the ongoing efforts to ensure road safety and compliance with traffic regulations. A significant number of vehicles were stopped, resulting in the issuance of contraventions and the towing of non-compliant vehicles.

During the first roadside inspection, 155 Y-plate vehicles and a number of private-owned vehicles were inspected. As a result of this operation, 30 contraventions were issued to drivers who failed to comply with traffic regulations.
In the second roadside inspection, 46 Y-plate vehicles and a number of private-owned vehicles were inspected, leading to the issuance of 31 contraventions for non-compliance. Additionally, 2 vehicles were also towed as a consequence of serious violations observed during the inspection. An escooter was also confiscated.

Mr. Jonathan Borg, CEO of Transport Malta, thanked Enforcement Officers for their work and emphasized the efficacy and importance of these roadside inspections, stating, “Ensuring road safety remains our top priority. These roadside inspections are critical in maintaining the integrity of our road network and safeguarding the well-being of all road users. By conducting targeted operations, we aim to enforce traffic regulations and create a safer environment for everyone.”

Mr. Patrick Pollacco, Director for Enforcement at Transport Malta, added, “Roadside inspections play a crucial role in identifying and addressing traffic violations. Through these operations, we not only enforce compliance but also raise awareness about the importance of adhering to traffic rules. We are committed to working closely with law enforcement agencies and the community to improve road safety across Malta.”

Transport Malta remains dedicated to implementing proactive measures and maintaining strong enforcement strategies to ensure road safety. Through regular roadside inspections and robust enforcement actions, the organization aims to promote responsible driving behavior and reduce the number of traffic violations.