An intergenerational project between the elderly and sixth form students in Gozo

 The Minister for Active Aging Jo Etienne Abela announced the outcome of an intergenerational project in which older people and sixth form art students participated in Gozo. It was explained that this project was divided into three parts and was carried out in collaboration between Active Aging and Community Care, the ‘Il-Hajar’ museum, Sir M.A. Refalo Sixth Form and Heritage Malta.

In the first part of the project, with the theme ‘Museum Connections: A Creative Journey Across Generations’, Mr. Mario Cassar, Art teacher at Sir M.A. Refalo Sixth Form, delivered information to the seniors on how to analyze and survey works of art. For their part, the elders who attended this session chose one of the works of art that are in the ‘Il-Hajar’ museum and wrote a detailed description of it. Afterwards they were passed on to the art students at Sir M.A. Refalo Sixth Form, and as one of their academic projects they were asked to replicate this piece of art by basing their work on the description given by the seniors.

In the second part, which was also held in the ‘Il-Ħajar’ museum, the older participants and the students came together to see and discuss the work done by the art students based on the writings that the seniors did during the first session. Together they saw which exhibit it represents and discussed how the students’ art resembles and/or contrasts with the work of art exhibited.

In the third part of the project, all the participants were invited to visit the Giant’s temples and during the visit they were joined by other students who are currently studying History. In addition to an explanation by a Heritage Malta curator, the participants were encouraged to discuss together themes related to this historic place.

Minister Jo Etienne Abela reiterated that intergenerational projects have several benefits both for children and/or young people and for the elderly. He said that these programs help to strengthen unity in the community and solidarity between generations, reduce loneliness and have a positive effect on the health and quality of life of the elderly. “I encourage there to be more interest and cooperation between youth and elderly associations. We would like to promote the sense of social responsibility in our communities and art, culture and sport are just a few means to achieve this goal”, concluded Minister Abela.

Photos (MFAA)