Government continues to invest in a quality life for people with health challenges

 The government is weighing and helping those people with challenges in their lives to enjoy a better quality of life. Among them, with the investment that the government made so that Dar Bjorn was inaugurated today in Žebbuġ, which will be offering therapy services to people with ALS and other neurological conditions.

With the government in the background of the social achievements, it is still focused on other social work that addresses the realities that change with the times, to continue to strengthen what it has accomplished. In the inauguration speech, Prime Minister Robert Abela reiterated that this is why the government, among others, is continuing to increase the Carer’s Grant and investing more than €4 million in favor of personal assistants, so that more people can live in a independent in the community.

He referred to the social agreements with a model of partnership between the government and society as a strong one where those from the private sector come forward with the best practices in favor of the care and protection of people.

A clear example of this is the social agreement that the government made with ALS Malta, with this home being of great service to society. With 30 people who have been assessed by Aġenzija Sapport they will now receive the services from Dar Bjorn. This house is intended for these people, who will spend long periods of time in it, to enjoy the outdoor elements. Among other things, the house ensures that natural light enters and includes a garden along with a swimming pool for therapy.

Prime Minister Abela concluded by thanking the professionals and the workers for the valuable contribution they make in the lives of these people, so that their lives will be more comfortable and easier in a house equipped with top level facilities . Such projects will continue to find government support.