EIB InvestEU Roadshow 2022

“Following the unprecedented adverse effects on the global economy as a result of COVID-19 and more recent political turmoil unfolding between Ukraine and Russia, we believe that the InvestEU programme is an important instrument to help in Europe’s economic recovery,” Minister for the Economy, European Funds and Lands Silvio Schembri stated.

Addressing the European Commission and the European Investment Bank InvestEU Roadshow, Minister Schembri said that the funding programme – aimed towards small and medium-sized businesses – is meant to build upon the success of JEREMIE and other SME structural fund instruments, which facilitate access for SMEs.

Minister Schembri highlighted that, “We have strived to bolster financing of projects which deal in sustainable energy, launched numerous initiatives and provided tangible aid which encourages connectivity, the digitisation of industry, and laid the groundwork for AI and Blockchain, and emergent technologies. As a government, we have not only sought to instil peace of mind within our business community during such adverse circumstances, but have worked and planned for a strong and rapid recovery”.

Minister Schembri urged businesses to continue to utilise such funds for further resilience and to build solid foundations for future investments.

EIB Vice President Gelsomina Vigliotti stated that, “We are delighted to launch the InvestEU programme here in Malta, making EU funding simpler to access and more effective. It is an instrument that serves for all EU countries, regardless of the size of their economy, with the goal of supporting new green and digital sectors while strengthening EU leadership in RDI and boosting the vibrant start-up ecosystem both in Malta and in Europe”.

On the sidelines of the event, Minister Schembri held a bilateral meeting with Antongiulio Marin, Head of Unit for InvestEU implementation within the European Commission.

Photo MEFL