HSBC Malta Foundation renewed its commitment to Down Syndrome Association Malta

For the past three years, HSBC Malta Foundation has renewed its commitment to support a range of educational programmes organized by Down Syndrome Association Malta (DSAM).

The educational programmes have been specially designed to provide DSAM student
members with a plethora of life skills and work-related competencies to better equip them for taking on jobs that suit their talents and interests.

During a visit to HSBC Head Office in Valletta, a number of members from DSAM met with Michel Cordina, Executive Director and Head of Business Development at HSBC Malta. Cordina commented: “At HSBC Malta we feel that DSAM’s mission to help each of their members reach their full potential and lead a happy fulfilling life is something that resonates strongly with us. It is always a genuine pleasure seeing our support providing such a positive and empowering impact.”

DSAM President, Joeanna Xerri said: “These educational programmes serve to upskill and empower our members to be in a better position to lead a more independent life. The support of HSBC Malta Foundation has been pivotal for us in being able to provide these services and encourages us to continue expanding our assistance in a more holistic manner.”

DSAM was set up to encourage people who have Down Syndrome to fulfil their potential for a successful and happy life, in a society that recognises their abilities and is supportive of their needs.
For more information about DSAM, one can visit their website at

PHOTO: (centre) Michel Cordina, Executive Director and Head of Business
Development at HSBC Bank Malta together with DSAM President, Joeanna Xerri flanked by DSAM members and programme coordinators