An initiative aimed at stimulating the minds of residents in San Vincenzo de Paul

An agreement was reached between San Vincenzo de Paul and the Association Malta Mind Sports to start organizing games sessions for the residents, which agreement covers a whole year.

This is with the aim of paying attention to the mental health of the elderly through games that stimulate the brain. This initiative includes games such as chess, backgammon and sudoku, competitions as well as other activities. It is a known fact that mind games boost the IQ levels of individuals, and foster better thinking skills.

This initiative will provide a framework that will give residents an opportunity to socialize more among themselves and compete with other residents in a social and friendly atmosphere. This also helps the spirit and morale after two years of a pandemic and social distance, now the elderly will be able to emancipate more socially among themselves.

These games will be held in sessions of two hours every two weeks where the residents get involved both in theory and also in practice linked to these games. In each session there will be two people (facilitators) from the voluntary organization MMSA (Malta Mind Sports Association) which is a voluntary organization that was set up specifically to introduce the idea of ​​’mind games’ among different generations to reach each category of ‘ age. The games will all be provided by San Vincent de Paul.

“The Ministry for Active Aging is committed to helping strengthen the mental health of our elderly in the various ways possible and available among them through these mind games. It is also our duty to help our elderly to fight dementia where scientifically we see that these types of exercises really help”, said the Minister for Active Aging Jo Etienne Abela.