Malta with an active participation in the international campaign of the United Nations against human trafficking

For the third consecutive year, Malta joined the rest of the world for the campaign against human trafficking. During the day of Wednesday, a high-level conference was organized which gathered around the table governmental entities, civil society, representatives of the Diplomatic Corps and mayors from localities around Malta and Gozo.

The aim of the discussions was to have more knowledge about the challenge of human trafficking with the aim of having more collaboration between the respective entities.

The theme chosen by the United Nations for this year’s campaign is “Use and Abuse of Technology” and reflects the current trend as research is showing how technology is leading to more exploitation of humans. for trafficking purposes. Therefore, cooperation with third countries is instrumental so that the fight against human trafficking is more effective and offers more protection to the victims.

Parliamentary Secretary for Reforms and Equality Rebecca Buttigieg explained the government’s commitment to continue fighting human trafficking. “It is a known fact that criminals have taken advantage of technological advancement by making it more difficult for investigators to track them down. But at the same time, technology offers us an important tool to coordinate better and act more efficiently as governments. Malta is one of those countries committed to obstructing the plans of the traffickers and ensuring that justice is done to the victims of this global phenomenon”, said the parliamentary secretary.