Solar e-bikes in Malta launched at Gasan Zammit Showroom

On Friday, the project, which presents innovative environmentally friendly solutions through the local manufacture of ground-breaking e-bikes was launched at the GasanZammit Motors Limited in Birkirkara.

Research for this project was funded by the European Union Funding Programmes.
The brainchild of Italian entrepreneur Pietro Perlo, the founder of Malta
Electromobility Manufacturing Ltd. (MEM), stated this ambitious project is expected
to see Malta progress towards the use of a cleaner, safer and more affordable
means of transport. During the launch, Dr Perlo said that the idea for the
development of the project and its manufacture in Malta, came about after the
presentation of his concept in Turin, where he was approached by the Chairman of
Erremme Business Advisors, Mr Reuben Buttigieg, who persuaded him to consider
Malta as the hub for the development of this project.

In his address Dr Perlo said that soon after he was offered Malta Enterprise’s full
support. He continued by saying that Chief Executive Officer of Malta Enterprise,
Kurt Farrugia was instrumental in helping to transform this idea into a concept, from
which the new company Malta Electromobility Manufacturing LTD (MEM) was born.
Addressing those present, Mr Reuben Buttigieg, Managing Director of Erremme
Business Advisors said, “The solar e-bikes project is an innovative technology
project that is in line with the direction Malta is taking on various fronts.

“First and foremost, it promotes physical well-being as it assists in what for many
seems to be a difficult activity. Consequently, it promotes sports, active ageing and
preventive health care. It also compliments the authorities’ promotion of individual
sports tourism.”

“Electromobility also assists in the reduction of emissions and in reducing traffic on
our roads. It is also for this reason that Transport Malta offers grants to help people
purchase this type of bike. The bikes are 2/3/4 wheelers, which in themselves are
more accessible. Malta however needs a strong campaign in promoting a change in
culture towards electromobility. “

“In proposing this project, MEM has found strong support and encouragement from
various authorities, particularly from Malta Enterprise with whom MEM is discussing
a wider range of electro mobility vehicles to be manufactured in Malta.”

GasanZammit Motors Limited is the company that will embark on this venture and
represent Malta Electromobility Manufacturing Ltd. (MEM) in Malta. The ultimate
target of this worthy project is to garner between 20 and 25 percent of the electric
bicycle market in Malta. According to the initial predictions, it is estimated that this
will also provide employment for approximately 90 people between 2023 and 2025.
MEM will produce these electric bicycles which are powered by photovoltaic panels,
in a bid to encourage and facilitate the transition from traditional fuel-powered to electric cars. These e-bikes offer good performance, are efficient and offer safety in
line with the European New Car Assessment (EURO NCAP) program. These electric
bikes are different from the ones which are already available on the market. The
unique MEM e-bikes are equipped with three wheels – one at the front and two at the
rear, which makes for more stability and safety, as well as much easier

MEM will produce these e-bikes at a manufacturing plant in Malta through an
investment that is compliant and respects EU targets to reduce carbon emissions
and the effects of greenhouse gases. MEM is also a consortium partner of 21 Ride &   Drive (R&D) institutions including STMicroelectronics, Prima Industrie, SUPSI
University, Bit & Brain Technologies and Waseda University of Japan.