Summer in Gozo

The Ministry for Gozo is launching a large number of activities spread in various localities around the island. This was announced during a press conference addressed by the Minister for Gozo Clint Camilleri where he launched the ‘Summer in Gozo’ program. This program includes no less than 160 activities which will all be organized by the Directorate of Cultural Heritage within the same ministry and are free of charge.

“Apart from the fact that during the last months we have been working on an advertising campaign abroad, especially on social media, we felt the need to organize an ambitious program of cultural activities that will be spread to every corner of Gozo. These activities range from concerts, commemorative events, festivals, exhibitions and exhibitions among others “, said Minister Camilleri.

“Not only will people be enjoying this program which features a variety and variety of events, but will see the participation of local and international artists as well as give an economic boost to our country”, said the Minister for Gozo.

Clint Camilleri thanked the Directorate of Cultural Heritage for working to design this concentrated program that continues to offer added value to the island of Gozo while offering a platform for artists, mostly Gozitans, to showcase their skills and their talents.

Minister Camilleri said that all this could happen not only because the Ministry for Gozo believes in the skills of Gozitans but because in a coordinated way, it has worked with local councils and other entities to maintain a large number of these activities. in the heart of the city of Victoria and the other villages in Gozo.

“Through these activities, I will be returning the squares in the heart of our villages to be enjoyed by the people who like to attend and this as the squares will be closed to traffic during the weekend. “, said the Minister for Gozo.

The full program of activities is available at One can also keep up to date by visiting the Cultural Heritage Directorate, Ministry For Gozo Facebook page.

Photos: MGOZ