Malta hosts the fourth edition of the Mediterranean Water Forum

For the first time ever, Malta is hosting the Mediterranean Water Forum, with the participation of various ministries and water management agencies from Mediterranean countries and regional organisations active in the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean Water Forum aims to identify practices and solutions towards better of water use. This Forum will serve as a preparation for  the Mediterranean region before the ninth edition of the World Water Forum in Dakar, next March.

These discussions are aimed to identify proposals on water management and sustainable practices, which eventually these will be presented in Dakar.

Opening the Mediterranean Water Forum, Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development  Miriam Dalli said  that Malta played a crucial role in the development of the water culture in the Mediterranean.

Minister Dalli added  that Malta, just like other countries in the Mediterranean region, is facing challenges and changes such as changing demographic, diversified economic activity and climate change, that impact water resources.

“These factors contribute to the reduction of the water supply. This Government is committed to continue implementing projects and take up all the necessary initiatives which contributes towards an efficient  water production,” highlighted  Minister Dalli.

Minister Miriam Dalli added that sustainable development is ingrained in each and every project implemented. With an allocation of €130 million, residents in Malta will benefit from a sustainable, efficient and secure water provision and distribution.

“We are committed to continue investing efficiency, ensure the sustainable use of our resources and provide a good quality of life for our citizens. Through joint efforts and collaboration amongst various entities, we want to continue improving quality provision and educate on the efficient use of water resources,” remarked Minister Dalli

Minister Miriam Dalli encouraged  the participants to come up with tangible solutions which have a positive impact on the quality of water.

The Mediterranean Water Forum held in Malta is being organized by the Energy and Water Agency, in collaboration with various water management agencies within the Mediterranean region.