Melita continues to attract new customers as satisfaction ratings hit new highs

The recent market trends report issued by the Malta Communications Authority highlights Melita’s ability to continue attracting new customers.

This positive trend appears in the internet and TV segments where the company has traditionally had the largest market share as well as in the mobile postpaid market, where it is the second largest provider. In this latter segment, Melita took 43 per
cent of new contracts in the first quarter of 2021.

At the same, the latest customer satisfaction research carried out independently for Melita has shown that, compared to other telecom operators in Malta, Melita has the happiest customers. Data includes a Customer Satisfaction Score of 8.9/10 and is backed up by a high tNPS (Transactional Net Promoter Score) of +61. These scores are generated through feedback from customers following an interaction with the company placing Melita among the top operators in Europe in terms of
customer satisfaction.

Harald Roesch, Chief Executive Officer at Melita Limited, said, “The public perception of Melita has improved dramatically since 2017, even among customers of other operators. While, of course, there is still lots of work to be done, these positive results show that the investments made throughout the years in infrastructure such as our 5G network, in human resources and customer experience, are reaping rewards. Naturally, this result was attained thanks to a company wide effort to deliver competitive products and outstanding customer service.”