Specialized training from Special Olympics Malta to the staff of Aġenzija Sapport

More than 240 employees from Aġenzija Sapport have just completed a specialized training program provided by Special Olympics Malta.
This training will be helping these employees to do physical exercise programs with 460 people with disabilities who attend the 11 day centers run by Aġenzija Sapport in Malta and Gozo.
The aim of this training is to enable the agency to deliver more individualized programs that improve the coordination and control of body movement. This will enable a person to develop their skills in sports and other recreational activities, in addition to enabling people with severe disabilities to be able to participate more inclusively in community activities. During a ceremony at the Space Skills Center, certificates of participation were presented to a number of employees who received this training.
In her address, Dr Lydia Abela said that the thinking behind this training given to the staff of Aġenzija Sapport by Special Olympics Malta is a reflection of the common goal that they both have in their daily mission. What with love and dedication offers an excellent and up-to-date service to people with disabilities. Dr Abela thanked Special Olympics Malta, Aġenzija Sapport and everyone who was part of this project which will benefit the clients of Aġenzija Sapport and the work and wealth they perform every day.