Minister Caruana launches the 2021 National Population and Housing Census

At a news conference, Finance and Labor Minister Clyde Caruana launched the ten-year population and housing census.

Minister Caruana said that the census is an important exercise for the country because through it one knows the trend and the demographic development of our country. He explained that this census costs around € 3 million and involves around 1,300 people so that all the information can be collected and compiled.

Minister Caruana also explained that discussions are currently underway on a new census on the skills of the Maltese people, especially among those who are in the world of work. This exercise will be the first of its kind both in our country and in Europe. The minister said that as he announced a couple of weeks ago, the discussion is currently underway so that our country has a new national labor market policy for the coming years. This new census on skills will be important in order to be able to understand in detail the skills of human resources in our country and thus the government will be able to continue to support and strengthen this policy for the coming years.