Pidgeon breeding and release project launches

The Minister for Gozo, Clint Camilleri, and the Minister for Education, Justyne Caruana, together with the Federation of Conservationist Trappers (FKNK), have launched a pigeon breeding and release program in Malta with the aim of increasing the population of pigeons.

The program is funded by the Ministry for Gozo. Present for the occasion were among others members of the FKNK, the principal of the Gozo College, the head of the Sannat Primary School and children who attend the same school.

Minister for Gozo Clint Camilleri, who is also responsible for the Wild Birds Regulation Unit, said that the aim of this project funded by the Ministry for Gozo is to increase the wild pigeon population, which it is the only supplementary aid that Malta can give to help increase the European pigeon population. Minister Camilleri said that, “Sannat Primary School and Special Unit is the first school to participate in this project”, and said that he looks forward to visiting the school again when the young birds are released in the wild and are able to continue their migratory route to other countries.

Minister for Education Justyne Caruana spoke about the infrastructural investment that is being made in all schools, including Gozo, including the new primary school that is being built in Victoria with an investment of € 10 million, a project that also includes the modernization of Victoria’s own Middle School. This is part of a massive € 50 million program that the government is investing in our children’s education sector at the infrastructure level. Minister Caruana praised those schools, including Sannat, which are playing an important role in the environment through involvement in an Ecoschool to provide students with a holistic education. “This is the education we want to give,” said Minister Caruana, “An education that is more hands on and that ensures that our students are given more opportunities to grow their knowledge beyond the traditional aspect of education. , but above all we provide an education through which our children enjoy going to our schools to get their education ”.