Prime Minister inaugurates an investment of € 2.5 million from the Ozo Group

Prime Minister Robert Abela inaugurates Ozogroup Business Centre

Prime Minister Robert Abela together with the Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development Miriam Dalli inaugurated the upgrading of the offices of the Ozo Group in their business center in Qormi with an investment of € 2.5 million.

On the 25th anniversary of the founding of this company, Prime Minister Robert Abela described the event as one of satisfaction and optimism for the future. The last few years have seen the Ozo Group grow in diversification significantly where the business has expanded significantly and today supports 3,000 employees engaged in eight companies in various industries.

Prime Minister Abela said that this investment is not only a strong sign of will and determination that the company wants to grow more, but also a strong sign of trust in the country. “No one is willing to invest so much as long as they know that capable investment will not bear the desired fruit. I want to thank many companies based in Malta, which, like Ozo, have shown resilience, ”said Dr Abela. The Prime Minister also claimed that, apart from the leadership of the Ozo Group being innovative and finding other ways to keep businesses going, at this time full of challenges for the whole world they kept their employees with them. This shows wisdom, planning and how much as a country we have agile companies.

The Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development Miriam Dalli praised the entrepreneurial vision of the OZO Group, which while expanding its operations also gave importance to the aspect of sustainable operation. Among others, the company is in the process of converting its vehicle fleet to cleaner or less polluting cars. “OZO Group is one of the thousands of companies that benefited from the wage supplement during 2020, through which they were able to continue to retain their employees. At the same time, they are looking to give back to the community with free services. This is the strong sense of corporate social responsibility that we encourage, “said Minister Dalli. Encouraging the company to continue on the path of sustainability, Dr Dalli reiterated that in the coming weeks and months the work of the Ministry will be focused on the regeneration of businesses and industries in our country.