Private sector has an integral role in country’s ecological transition

The private sector has an integral role in our country’s ecological transition. Government is doing its part but needs cooperation and positive initiatives by private companies, said Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning Aaron Farrugia.

The minister was speaking during a visit to the Convenience Shop, where he encouraged private companies to implement environmental measures which will lead to a more sustainable economy. 

At the same time, he praised the initiatives that this company is already implementing, including the launch of a campaign with a number of clean-ups, as well as an investment in biodegradable bags, a step which will help decrease the use of bags made of conventional plastic.

“I welcome initiatives by the private sector to be more environmentally responsible. While as a government we are continuing to work to minimise waste generation, improve waste management and implement the single-use plastic ban, we welcome such initiatives by the private sector to minimise the use of the most harmful plastics to our environment. This kind of social and environmental conscience is what drives our economy in the right direction, ensuring that Malta maintains a sustainable and prosperous path and a cleaner environment,”, said the minister. 

Convenience Group CEO Martin Agius said that the company decided to make the switch to biodegradable and compostable bags in order to eliminate the use of around 33 tonnes of conventional plastic per year. This is being done together with a number of other initiatives such as the switch to more energy-efficient machinery so that the company can do its part for the environment. The company’s director Kevin Deguara said that as the largest group of shops in Malta, Convenience Group should act as an example for others in its effort towards a better environment. 

Photo: MECP