The second fiber optic cable between Malta and Gozo inaugurated

Prime Minister Robert Abela inaugurates the second fibre optic cable between Malta and Gozo Gozo Innovation Hub, Triq il-Pitkalija, Xewkija, Gozo

“I want Gozo to be like Malta – the best in Europe” -Prime Minister Robert Abela.

Prime Minister Robert Abela together with the Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development Miriam Dalli and the Minister for the Economy and Industry Silvio Schembri inaugurated the second fiber optic cable that connects Gozo with the rest of the world.

The telecommunications connectivity between Gozo and Malta depended on one connection: an electric cable leased from Enemalta.

With the huge increase in demand for accessible, fast and reliable digital connectivity, both from citizens and businesses, the ideal backup solution would have to be that of another fiber optic cable, through which the the most digital and resilient communication for the island of Gozo.

A study commissioned in 2014 confirmed that the challenge of connectivity needs to be addressed through state intervention in order to ensure a professional connection between the two islands.

The Government has also considered setting up the Gozo Fiber Optic Cable Ltd company, which has been entrusted to operate and maintain the new end-to-end link. This company negotiated and successfully concluded an agreement with three telecommunications operators in our country.

The Prime Minister Robert Abela said that this Government has a full and ambitious vision for Gozo. “The digital link we are opening today is an example of the Government’s vision in this area. Gozo must be the showcase of the digital core. It is an obvious center from which we can carry out this economic transformation of our country. Fiber optic cable is just the first step, ”said Dr Abela.

The Prime Minister stated that not only companies in the field of technology will benefit from this investment.

“Secure connection will provide more opportunities in areas such as health, education, testing new prototypes and industry 4.0 in manufacturing as well as digital creativity industries, to name a few. Activities and operations that in general have a more controlled impact on the environment, “said the Prime Minister.