Our goal is to keep jobs healthy – Prime Minister Robert Abela

Prime Minister Robert Abela said the government’s goal is to further boost employment and reduce unemployment, as has happened in recent months despite the pandemic challenge.

Dr Abela was meeting with the members of the Catering Establishments Association in the Auberge de Castille, in the first of a series of consultation meetings with key stakeholders in preparation for the Budget for the year d the next.

Prime Minister Abela noted that the measures taken by the government in the Economic Regeneration Plan, including the wage supplement, the voucher schemes and the reduction of electricity bills and of business rents were crucial for our country not only to keep unemployment low but to continue to fall. Significant was the fact that while unemployment in Malta fell by 0.4%, in the euro area it rose by 0.8%.

Dr Abela said he was convinced that despite all the difficulties we would do well and said that therefore the aim of the government remained to keep businesses alive, jobs healthy and people in the workplace to have the confidence to spend.

The Prime Minister concluded by saying that the wage supplement guarantee will keep people with the confidence that they know they have a guaranteed income and said he is convinced that this is a collective challenge from which we will emerge better.

Food Establishment Association President Ruben Buttigieg said the government not only listened but acted on the ideas they put forward to save thousands of jobs and keep establishments open.