Vouchers saved our businesses thus far – ACE

The large majority of members of the Association of Catering Establishments confirm that Government vouchers were crucial for them to remain open.

The majority of sales over the last few weeks  were constantly through the vouchers issued by the Government. This despite the sector is still having difficulties also due  to increased costs related to covid measures, reduced sales and fear. Nevertheless members are grateful to the Government on creating this consumer incentive which led amongst others to saving thousands of jobs.

ACE encourages the Government to open discussions for other measures in order to prepare for the difficult months ahead. With the experience of vouchers and wage supplements one can create even more positive stimulus for Local and tourist consumer consumption .

In order to improve the situation within the catering establishments sector (one of the largest sectors in the Maltese Economy) even further, ACE recommends acceleration of the implementation of rent and utility schemes.

ACE would like to thank Prime Minister Dr Robert Abela ,Minister for Tourism Dr Julia Farrugia Portelli  and Minister for Economy Mr Silvio Schembri for their efforts. ACE thanks also the Maltese community for their support during this challenging moment.