Publication of four legal notices under the Broadcasting Act Chapter 350


Four legal notices that fall under the Broadcasting Act, which will completely transpose the European Directive on Audiovisual Services, have been published. These legal notices follow the entry into force of the 2020 Act that emends the Broadcasting Act.

The four applicable legal notices are:

  1. Amendment to the Requirements as to Standards and Practice applicable to the Family Viewing and Listening, 2020
  2. Amendment to the Requirements as to Advertisements, Methods of Advertising and Directions Applicable to Gambling Advertisements, 2020
  3. Notification of On-Demand Audiovisual Media Services (Repeal) Order, 2020
  4. Broadcasting (Jurisdiction and European Co-operation) (Amendment) Regulations, 2020

These amendments revise the legal framework to better reflect technological advancements that permit new types of services for users. These vary from audiovisual content broadcasted on portable devices, user-generated content, video-sharing platforms and on-demand audiovisual material.

The amendments transpose into Maltese Law the Directive (EU) 2018/1808 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 November 2018 amending Directive 2010/13/EU on the coordination of certain provisions laid down by law, regulation or administrative action in Member States concerning the provision of audiovisual media services (Audiovisual Media Services Directive) in view of changing market realities.

These amendments were put to public consultation involving the participation of all interested parties. Their feedback was considered and certain practical changes were made to the law and some legal notices to better reflect this feedback and the parliamentary debate held on the matter.


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