Refunds on deposits for weddings postponed due to coronavirus


Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses Silvio Schembri gave details on the refund grant for deposits paid for weddings/civil union ceremonies postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic as part of the plan for the regeneration of the economy.

Minister Schembri explained that for this initiative, a total budget of €2 million is being allocated and the scheme will remain active until all funds are exhausted.

‘Couples may benefit up to €2,000 and the eligible applicant may apply for a once-only grant. Payments will be transferred directly to the bank account as indicated by the applicant in the application,’ said Minister Schembri.

‘As a Government we empathize with couples who, due to such extraordinary circumstances have been burdened with several unnecessary expenses incurred through no fault of their own. Hence, we sought ways to ease that extra financial pressure through this refund grant. Several had to seek a new wedding venue, new suppliers, and a new wedding date to move their wedding day to the last quarter of the year, whilst ensuring that guidelines established by the Health Authorities are being followed. This scheme goes over and above existent schemes for couples who are about to get married as it is solely aimed at couples who lost their deposits due to the postponement of their wedding as a consequence of the pandemic,’ said Minister Schembri.

It was explained that eligible applicants and criteria for this measure are:-

 Couples whose wedding/civil union ceremony was originally due to be held between 8th March 2020 and 30th September 2020

– Couples who forfeited deposits paid on goods and services related to their wedding/civil union ceremony as proven by the documents submitted

– Service providers for the new wedding date can be different from those booked for first wedding date.

The application process must be carried out via the official electronic portal only, through which applicants must provide details of the receipts of the deposits paid, details of the final fiscal receipt of good and services provided and any other documentation required to be submitted.

The documents submitted must include:-

– A copy of the original invoices and the receipt of the deposit paid

– Copy of the final fiscal receipt of goods and services provided

– Copy of the original contracts and subsequent amendments

– Declaration of the vendor/service provider that the original deposit was withheld.

The application must include all the documentation and details required and must be submitted online to the Office of the Commissioner for Revenue by not later than six months of when the wedding/civil union ceremony was planned.

For more information and to apply one must visit :


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